Temporary apologies

Spotted at a motorway service station this morning:

…at least they spelt the word their correctly.


Apologies for the prolonged radio-silence: I have been what can only be described as ‘decorating’. It might be the smallest room in the house, but it didn't bloody feel like it.

Anyhoo, Jen's niece Lucy treated herself to a coffee at Starbucks™ last week. The barista evidently favoured phonetic spelling:



About 85% of job applicants seem to be unable to spell the word liaise. I know this for a fact: I've counted. Nearly everyone seems to miss out the second i. It's uncanny.

Actually, it's not uncanny at all. Do you know why so many people miss out the second i? Because they write their CVs using Microsoft Word™, which tells them that it should be spelt liase.

True, in a sensible world, the word liaise wouldn't have that second i, but the world isn't sensible, so the second i is there (doing nothing of any value). If all words were spelt phonetically (or should that be fon-e-ti-klee?) we wouldn't need spell-checkers, but, given that we do need spell-checkers, shouldn't we be able to rely on them?

Once again, Microsoft churns out unreliable software, and we buy it. It would appear that the spelling of the word liaise isn't the only thing that's stupid in this world.