Hitting the big time

Long-term, long-memoried Gruts readers might recall that, four years ago, I devised a list of new music genres to challenge the likes of hip-op and dub-step. If they have been paying particularly close attention, the same readers might even recall that, since then, under my DJ name of the Grutsmeister, I have occasionally released new ambient pap tracks for their enjoyment and entertainment. These tracks are available on SoundCloud.

Last week, SoundCloud asked me to complete an online questionnaire about the music I'm publishing on their service. Here is a screen shot of one of the questions:

SoundCloud survey

It looks as if ambient pap is about to go mainstream.


BBC: Many would 'want to live to 100'

Many Britons would give up favourite things, including sex, to reach 100 years of age, a poll suggests.

Some 40% said they would give up sex—half of women and a third of men—39% food and drinks and 42% travel.

Why do people have to be so STUPID? Why elect to give up sex and food and travel and stuff in order to live to be 100, when they might just as easily have chosen to give up things they don't like doing, such as filling in tax returns, or mowing the lawn? Me? I would quite happily give up decorating, going to the dentist, and queuing behind old ladies who prefer to pay with cash, if it meant I could live to be 100.

I mean, it stands to reason.

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