Snippets - September 2001

A couple of crap jokes:

  • Have you heard they're making a film about the Shipman case, starring Robert DeNero as Dr Shipman? It's going to be called The Old-Dear Hunter.
  • A woman walks into a bar and orders a double entendre... So the landlord gives her one.

BBC News: Robot slugkiller ready to roll
A hi-tech method of ridding the world of the evil that is slug, but is it as effective as my own decidedly low-tech method?

Germany 1-5 EnglandLiverpool 5 : Germany 1
Ludwig van Beethoven, Martin Luther, Helmut Kohl, Wolfgang Petersen, can you hear me? Your lads took one hell of a beating!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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