Padre Pio

BBC: Italian statue 'weeps blood'

Now there is a surprise: a statue of Padre Pio has reputedly started doing something truly miraculous; that's one more step on the path to sainthood for Padre Pio, then.

I had never heard of Padre Pio until I went for a holiday to Sardinia in 1998, when the TV news was full of the poor fellow. Although I hadn't a clue what they were talking about (I have forgotten most of my Latin, and my Italian is non-existent), it was quite clear even to me that this chap was being groomed for sainthood.

What is it about the Roman Catholic church? In the words of my good friend, Julian Date, How [do they] sort out the wheat from the chaff? How do [they] decide that a moving statue in Ireland is a miracle, but that a talking chicken in Canada isn't?

Still, Padre Pio is to be congratulated in one respect at least: until now, anything vaguely miraculous involving a invariably associated with Jesus; now, I suppose, they're going to have to think twice.

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