Predictions, 2003 (or A Farthing for Your Thoughts)

At this time of year, it's traditional to make predictions for the forthcoming 12 months. Then, in a year's time, it's traditional to try to convince everyone that you were uncannily accurate in your predictions.

list of anagrams of my friend Carolyn (whose surname is Farthing)'s name. So I chose 10 anagrams from the list at random. Here they are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Anything for Carl
  2. Fact: gnarly rhino
  3. Flat granny choir
  4. Frantic horny gal
  5. Fraying cloth ran
  6. Half-contrary gin
  7. Hot girl ran. Fancy!
  8. Lift angry anchor
  9. Nor canary flight
  10. RAF clothing yarn

Throughout 2003, I shall keep a look out for newsworthy stories or personal events that happened to me or people I know, that can generously be described as having been foretold/described by one of the above 'predictions'.

Postscript: The results are in…

Throughout 2003, I did indeed keep a look out for newsworthy stories that could generously be described as having been foretold/described by my 'predictions'.

The final result was 8 out of 10 [*], which is uncanny in anyone's book. Here is the list of successes:

  • Prediction 2: Fact: gnarly rhino
    Baby rhino born. [More »]
  • Prediction 4: Frantic horny gal
    Also the baby rhino story (see prediction 2 above). [More »]
  • Prediction 5: Fraying cloth ran
    Fraying cloth was the in thing in fashion this year. [More »]
  • Prediction 6: Half-contrary gin
    Locals semi-disagree with government slur. [More »]
  • Prediction 7: Hot girl ran. Fancy!
    Paula Radcliffe smashes the women's marathon record. [More »]
  • Prediction 8: Lift angry anchor
    Veteran TV news anchorman, Bill Carlson, leaves show. [More »]
  • Prediction 9: Nor canary flight
    Norwich City defender Daryl Sutch leaves his club. [More »]
  • Prediction 10: RAF clothing yarn
    RAF employees complain that they are ill-equiped for the Gulf. [More »]

…So the next time you hear someone claiming to be psychic, tell them about my friend Carolyn, and how she managed to get 8 out of 10 without even trying.

[*] Stop Press: Of the two remaining predictions, one of them eventually came true on 9th May, 2004:

  • Prediction 1: Anything for Carl
    Dick Van Dyke says he would "do anything for Carl Reiner". [More »]
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