Wind instrument

There's absolutely no delicate way of putting this: I farted while getting dressed this morning, and the noise that emerged was a perfect rendition of the first note of (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. Yes, that's right: my arse has perfect pitch; no bum notes from my backside, no siree.

Thinking about it, Satisfaction is a pretty appropriate Rolling Stones song to play by fart. I suppose I could have been less subtle and gone for laughs, blasting out Fart Me Up or Trumping Jack Flash (it's a gas, gas, gas) - but the first note of Satisfaction is so much more instantly recognisable (and, let's be honest, less challenging).

3 thoughts on “Wind instrument

  1. That's great, but I can beat it. The other day while having a bath, I farted the opening 10 notes of 'The Blimp' by Capt. Beefheart.

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