Getting beyond a joke

Homeopathy for Children signPlease, for once in your sad, inadequate, gullible lives, listen, you stupid, naïve dupes—homeopathy doesn't work; homeopathy can't work because it's pseudo-scientific bullshit. These charlatans are fobbing you off with snake oil and taking your money. It won't make your kids any better. You are being irresponsible with their welfare, and if the government really cared as much as it claims to about children, the social services would break into your homes, take away your children, and give them to somebody at least vaguely in touch with reality.

I'm sorry if your children are ill, I really am, but stop pissing about and take them to a doctor.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. that's BULL. I'm a teenage girl and i've never taken anti-biotics. I've always been treated homeopathically. I am living proog homeopathy works.


  2. That is just about the most irresponsible statement I have ever read. It's people like you who spread infectious diseases.

    Keep on not taking the medicine. You'll get what you deserve sooner or later.

    Dick 'ed.

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