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BBC: Skydiver plans Channel flight [29-Jul-03]
An Austrian with a carbon wing strapped to his back is to attempt to fly across the English Channel unaided.

Unusual use of the word unaided.

BBC: Wild horses return to Kazakhstan [30-Jul-03]
The world's only truly wild horse, known as Przewalski's horse, is to be re-introduced into Kazakhstan after becoming extinct there 60 years ago. Munich Zoo, in Germany, which bred the animals in captivity…

Unusual use of the word wild. The article continues…

"The Przewalski's survival chances are good. There are snow leopards there but they don't usually go for full grown horses," said Beatrix Rau, curator at Munich Zoo.

Well, they're hardly likely to go for horses if the horses went extinct there 60 years ago, are they?

Still, at least Ms Rau didn't claim that Przewalski's horses are rarer than giant pandas.

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