The Welshish Gene

BBC: Welsh have 'survival gene'
Professor Jane Aaron, of the University of Glamorgan, has a theory on why the Welsh seem to respond to adversity with an extra effort. [She] says the Welsh have what might be likened to a survival gene - a setback prompts a renewed burst of creative energy.

Oh dear, here we go… That's likened to a survival gene; Prof Aaron is a Professor of Literarture—she's talking figuratively, not literally.

I do wish people would stop inventing new genes willy-nilly like this—especially silly (and dangerous) patriotic genes. What next? Look-you-genics? There isn't a special Welsh survival gene that magically kicks in under adverse conditions, in the same way that there aren't special Welsh genes for synchronised singing, eating leeks, and losing at rugby.

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  1. Now see here bitch. the welsh dominate at rugby and thats a fact. heres the deal- ya bad mouth a persecuted people yer headed for trouble... understand?

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