Who to vote for?

Three items from this morning's political news (courtesy of the BBC):

Tories fear 'birth dearth'
People should have more children to counter an ageing population in Europe, a Tory MP is expected to argue.

Lib Dems to focus on tax
…The Lib Dems have promised to abolish council tax as soon as possible after coming to power and to replace it with a local income tax of up to 3%.

University admissions shake-up
The university applications system faces an overhaul, as a [Labour] government task force looks for a fairer way of selecting students. This could include taking into account social disadvantages and the type of school a student attended.

I'm in a real quandry here: with so many objectionable ideas being generated by each of the UK's major political parties, come the next election, how on earth am I going to decide which party I don't want to vote for the least?

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