Shoe-Repair Tagline Challenge

I took some shoes to be re-heeled this week. The receipt I was given proclaimed:


Not the snappiest of mottos maybe, but at least they were giving it a go.

Then I got to thinking: Richard, you're a bit of an expert when it comes to thinking up clever marketing taglines. If you owned a shoe-repair business, what tagline would you use?

An excellent and typically perceptive question, if I might say so, raising as it does the opportunity for all sorts of puns of a shoe-related nature. Here's what I came up with:

  • Poorly shoes? We'll soon heel them
  • Re-iss-shoes
  • We'll save your sole
  • We'll nail your problem
  • We're at it hammer and tongues
  • Professional to the last (geddit?)
  • It won't awl end in tears
  • Rushing in where others fear to tread
  • Our competitors are all cobblers
  • Dirty Harry says, "Our soles are for personnel"
  • Never knowingly under-soled (Ouch! That's the one, I reckon.)

What? You think you could do any better? Suggestions in the comments section below, please.

1 thought on “Shoe-Repair Tagline Challenge

  1. The best I could do was:

    We have shoe repairs awl sown up.

    Like your "under-soled". There is a bike shop round the corner from us that has painted on the side "We peddle 'em cheaper", which always makes me smile.

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