Man of Mystery and Adventure part 2

CarrotIn an attempt to resurrect my stalled campaign to become a Man of Mystery and Adventure, yesterday I secreted a carrot in a special pocket in my new work suit. I then went about, letting people catch a glimpse of the carrot. When they asked, "Richard, why have you got a carrot in your pocket?", I gave assorted replies, such as:

  • I bet you say that to all the boys
  • OK, who told you I was carrying?
  • it's a plant
  • because there wasn't room in my sock
  • because I've run out of celery

Carolyn was particularly impressed, when I rendezvoused with her outside a jewellers' shop:

"How many carats would you say that diamond is?" I asked.
"The label says 0.5."
"Pathetic! How many carats would you say that other diamond is?"
"It says 0.6."
"Feeble!" [Opening jacket] "And how many carrots would you say this is?"
"Did you just buy that specially to make that joke?"

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