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The Guardian Guide (16—22 October, 2004, p.53)

The Cell (Tarsem Singh, 2000) 10.15pm, C4
A standard serial-killer thriller, filtered intriguingly through an acid dream. Jennifer Lopez stars as a psychologist who delves literally into the lurid, nightmare mind of murderer Vincent D'Onofrio in an attempt to save his next victim (Tara Subkoff): and it's a place you really don't want to go. Wild stuff, with genuinely jolting imagery crafted by video star Tarsem Singh in an ambitious and effective big-screen debut.

The Guardian Guide (16—22 October, 2004, p.57)

10.15 The Cell (Tarsem Singh, 2000)
Wildly daft thriller with Jennifer Lopez entering the mind of killer Vincent D'Onofrio via a brain machine portal, and then finding herself inconvenienced by his sex games while Vince Vaughan tries to save her.

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