Nowt so queer

When I comment on news stories, I have been known to look for the occasional quirky slant. But sometimes the stories are quite odd enough on their own:

Reuters: German 'Homosexual' Penguins Spark Gay Protest
A plan by a German zoo to test the sexual appetites of a group of suspected homosexual penguins has sparked outrage among gay and lesbian groups, who fear zookeepers might force them to turn straight.

…and not forgetting this one:

Guardian: Monkeys go ape for a little allure
Scientists reported last week that male rhesus monkeys will 'pay' to check out pictures of female monkey bottoms or images of socially dominant members of their species.

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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Oh, you can just imagine the committee meeting that led to that press release...

    (related by marriage to Germans, whom I love, but this is reminiscent of Liverpool Univeirsiry halls of residence, lashed on cheap cider, mid miners' strike...)

  2. On a visit to Monkey World this weekend, we were lucky enough to see this very touching scene....a robin flew into the chimp enclosure. Spotted by Peter, the dominant male, Peter held out a finger and eventually,accompanied by the sighs of many small children, the robin alighted on the aforementioned finger. Peter then very deftly pulled of the robin's wings, bit its head off & stuffed the remainder into its mouth. Obladi Oblada life goes on.......

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