That's not what Bob Birrell told us

BBC: Carbon dioxide continues its rise

…And helium continues its sink, presumably.

Note: In case you were wondering, Bob Birrell was my chemistry teacher. He was also North of England Champion 120-yards hurdler (1960—62, 64, 66—69), and reached the quarter finals of the 110 metres hurdles in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, which he ran in 14.82s.

3 thoughts on “That's not what Bob Birrell told us

  1. He never taught me, but he was a very modest man and it was some years after I started at BS that I even found out he'd been in the Olympics. I was just "googling" him when I found your comment.

    Pete Scurfield was the big star, North of England RU scrum half - "Sir" was on telly!!!

    (Yes I know headmaster Gwilliam was Welsh RU captain, but he was so universally detested nobody cared about the sanctimonious p****)

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