Worst nightmare

St Petersburg Times: Youth Groups Say the Time Has Come to Oppose Putin

Two liberal youth movements joined forces on Thursday in their fight against President Vladimir Putin's policies and claimed the time was right for a mass pro-democracy movement in Russia similar to those in Ukraine and Serbia…

If such a movement were to form in Russia, the Kremlin would see its worst nightmare come true, political analysts said.

Blue Mass. Group: Howie Carr gives you another reason to vote for Tim Schofield

…Howie has just given you yet another good reason to go out and work to help Tim Schofield win tomorrow's special election to fill the 18th Suffolk seat: you can make Howie Carr's worst nightmare come true.

These politicians must have awfully tame nightmares, if that's the worst they can come up with.

My worst nightmare involved my grandmother's fur stole coming alive and leaping at my throat. I was about five at the time. For years afterwards, I was totally terrified of weasels and stoats (I didn't know the dead thing around my grandmother's neck was called a mink).

Now that's a worst nightmare.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. My worst nightmare is going to the polls and realising that not one of those bloated politicos represent what I truly believe in. And that nobody's going to take any notice if I ruin my ballot paper.
    No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in. (Neil Innes 1992).
    my second worse nightmare is getting shafted by Billie Jean King with a strap-on.

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