1. Once, while working in a local special school, I was told 'never use sarcasm on children'. 'why?' I asked, 'do they find it too upsetting?' 'no', came the reply, ' they just don't understand it!'

  2. ps. Can't access the comments section to the Liverpool entry below. Get it sorted, man!

  3. The rule should also read "Never use sarchasm* on Americans". Try it some time. Always worth a laugh.

    Oh, and never try it on my mother either. Typical conversations go as follows:

    Me: Sorry we took so long getting here - the motorway was full of BMWs, and you know that when you buy one you get a certificate allowing you to change lane unexpectedly without indicating.

    Mum: Really?

    Me: No mother. Not really.

    *sarchasm - the gulf between the author of a sarcastic comment and the person who doesn't get it.

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