BBC Radio 4's PM programme had an item about the new US ambassador to the UK, Robert Holmes Tuttle, last night. (Of course, being the BBC, they said he was the US ambassador to London, but we knew what they meant.)

It turns out Mr Tuttle is a Texan used-car salesman, with no diplomatic experience, who just so happens to have donated an awful lot of money to George W Bush's re-election campaign. His predecessor in the post was another Texan Bush benefactor with zero diplomatic experience.

Shouldn't we Brits feel ever so slightly insulted by this? We're America's closest ally, for Pete's sake! Don't we deserve a career diplomat, or at least a politician? Who are the Americans to treat their ambassadorship in our country as a sinecure?

Of course, there's only one valid response to this: we should send them Timmy Mallet.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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