Gnome de plume

BBC Gardening: Gnome competition

You'll be seeing much more of this little fellow below in the future, as he's the new Neighbourhood Gardener mascot. If you can think of the perfect name for him, you could win a digital radio. Send in your suggestions to with the subject title 'competition', by the end of September.


Subject: Competition

Dear Neighbourhood Gardener Team,

Take your pick:

Gnome Chomsky (geddit?)
Gnome O'Misterniceguy



The stupid thing is, we can't get digital radio round here.

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Richard Carter

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  1. Robert Wyatt refers to Cholmsky in one of the songs on his Old Rottenhat album. He also recorded an album called Rock Bottom, the newspaper advert for this shows his head superimposed on a garden gnome....coincidence...or not?

  2. Is that the same garden gnome that is pictured on the trampoline 2 items earlier?

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