1. Dear Richard - I'm very sorry to hear about this. Will the trampoline repairs cost very much?

  2. By some miracle, the trampoline remained intact, although the resultant aftershocks sent certain nervous Indonesians heading for the hills.

  3. It reminded me of a line from a well known Hollywood movie....'jump, Free Willy, jump!'

  4. Ah, the Toon Army effect. It makes me embarrassed to support Newcastle United.

  5. Absolutely not when ten barcodes hold off the Arse until the referee awards a REALLY dubious 81st minute penalty, forcing attacking play and a second concession on 87 minutes. And then the referee admits sending Jenas off was a practical joke. Ha ha. Don't get me started.

    By the way, I'm escaping the great Wen and coming to Leeds, so e-mails should be quicker.

  6. True story: I was once (albeit briefly) in Leeds at the very same time as Cheryl Ladd. She was filming Millennium (quite a good film, actually), and I was on a train at Leeds Station, on my way home to visit my folks.

    So close, and yet so far!

  7. Incidentally, did you know that Cheryl Ladd's real name is Cheryl Stoppelmoor. Doesn't sound quite as sexy, does it?

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