Boom, boom: out go the lights

Someone up there doesn't like me (the feeling's mutual): what are the odds, do you reckon, of both of a car's headlamp bulbs blowing independently in the course of the same nine-mile journey? And no, it wasn't due to an electrical fault: the lamps in question are on separate circuits, with separate fuses.

Thank goodness for fog-lights.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Headlight bulbs have at least 2 filaments. You should have continued your journey on full beam, (just to piss off other motorists), or maybe you're just not that bright! Yesterday, one of your 5 letter security codes was GUNDU. The staff nurse working with me yesterday was Gilbert Gundu....spooky or what?

  2. Yes, it is spooky. My anti-comment-spam system is clearly in league with the devil.

    I did think of tweaking it a bit so that the anti-spam password was always a funny word, but I couldn't be arsed, to be perfectly frank.

    Oh look! My anti-spam password this time round is GRUTS!

    (Only joking.)

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