Sweet memories

Hands up who remembers sweet cigarettes. For those of you who don't, the name is a bit of a give-away: sweet cigarettes were sweets which resembled cigarettes. They tasted rather nice, but were a total bugger to light.

Anyway, it has only just occurred to me what sweet cigarettes actually tasted of: they tasted of over-ripe bananas. I made this discovery last week, while I was eating an over-ripe banana. It took me ages to retrieve the vaguely familiar taste from the dark recesses of my memory: sweet cigarettes, mmmm!

The Powers That Be banned sweet cigarettes decades ago—apparently, they might encourage children to smoke (in exactly the same way that toy guns and computer games might turn them into homicidal maniacs). Well, I have eaten quite a few sweet cigarettes in my time, and I never took up smoking.

Mind you, I am on twenty over-ripe bananas a day.

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Richard Carter

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  1. "...the same way that toy guna and computer games might turn them into homicidal maniacs". It's worrying to see that the Genito-Urinary Nurses Association are having this effect. Last time I'm going to the 'clap clinic'.

  2. Its true I tell you

    Not that the chocolate had much in the way of cocoa solids as close to chocolate as dream topping is to cream.

    I feintly remember the packs having a Camel picture on the box but can't be sure

  3. they were actually re-marketed for a while as 'sweet magic wands', but the mystique & pose value was sadly diminished by this time.

  4. Stop with the nostalgia! You can still get sweet cigarettes in Tesco. Although their not as chalky as the original.

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