1. Liberal...Charles Kennedy
    Libation..A drink, especially an alcoholic drink (online dictionary)
    No connection there then!

  2. It's all bonkers, if you ask me. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other about Charles Kennedy (although anyone who likes a drink can't be all bad in my eyes), but I thought the LibDems were supposed to above this sort of clandestine back-stabbing.

    It's enough to destroy one's faith in politicians.

  3. The Lib Dems run Bournemouth council: They are selling off our limited number of car parks to build luxury holiday apartments, closed down our only covered swimming pool in the town centre & allowed a monstrous IMAX cinema (now also closed) to be built on the sea front.

    The latter obscures the view of the Purbecks & was voted the 2nd ugliest building in the U.K. Unfortunately, the only other party with big enough support in this area to win, are the Conservatives!
    All that would achieve would be to put a different fox in charge of the chickens!

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