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BBC: Brown speech promotes Britishness

…"Instead of the BNP using it as a symbol of racial division, the flag should be a symbol of unity and part of a modern expression of patriotism too," [UK Chancellor] Mr Brown said.

"All the United Kingdom should honour it, not ignore it. We should assert that the Union flag by definition is a flag for tolerance and inclusion."

That's as maybe, but there is one big problem with honouring the Union flag: it's totally shite. Honestly, how could anyone celebrate anything as garish and, well, contrived as that? It's totally without merit. Why can't we have a cool flag, like… oh, hang on a second, they're all pretty rubbish, come to think of it.

Couldn't we have a designer logo instead? Very New Labour.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. Load of nonesense over nothing - except the additional bank holiday which i am sure will be welcome to those whose employers allow them to take it.

    Shouldnt this guy be concentrating on the economy and not trying to get his pitch in early in the pre qualifying rounds of the "Tony's Job Competition"

    The govenment obviously need to consult on your idea of a new flag before giving it to one of their preferred bidders under a PPP contract, ignoring the results of an independant panel in the the public sector comparator review.

    "we simply do not accept that the project would cost less than r by having the design chosen by viewers in the Flag Competition, recently organised by Blue Peter"

    The country will not own the flag - but the entitlement to lease the use of the flag over the predefined contract period.

    Anyone caught worshipping a different flag on "Flag Holiday" will be fined and awarded an ASBO - compensatory payments accruing to the incumbant contractor.

    Expect a rival bid from "The Peoples Flag Consortium" led by the Bearded One

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