1. Ah! I get it! You're saying that Irving being jailed didn't happen (not the holocaust). Or are you saying that Irving never existed? Are you in fact a 'Holocaust denier denier'?

  2. I'm joshing that Irving being jailed didn't happen.

    What an unpleasant chap. But I don't think he should have been sent to prison; the way to deal with holocaust deniers (and evolution deniers) is to point out the stupidity of their supposed reasoning, not make martyrs of them to equally silly people.

    Incidentally, I see Irving now says he was wrong, so I guess that makes him an ex-holocaust denier. The more of those, the better.

  3. Agreed. Jailing gives him the publicity he seems to crave. I rather think he has courted the media with his stupid ideas, calling the Austrians bluff, and been caught out. I dare say he will be released on appeal, but the message has been sent to the, er... oh, there aren't any others.

  4. Continuing the theme:-
    If the Holocaust never happened & there were no concentration camps....that must be great news for Ken Livingstone, who, therefore didn't accuse a Jewish journalist of acting like a nazi concentration camp guard...!

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