Market research

Talking of oranges, when I was in Sicily the other week, I spotted a bloke selling oranges from a stall. He had set it up under an orange tree which was full of fruit.

I'm no businessman, but I reckon that guy needs to do a bit more market research.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Have you ever seen Italian lemons?
    They're as big as footballs!
    .....aaaah!...Limoncello, made with 100% alcohol. Enough reason to go back!

  2. We drank plenty of limoncello while we were out there. It's one of the few drinks that tastes best cold.

    We bought a bottle back for our farmer friend, who is in the habit of making her own version of the stuff, having discovered it on a trip to Sicily many years ago. Mind you, she cheats: her main ingredient is a couple of bottles of gin.

    The nicest thing about the lemons in Italy is that they're not all covered in wax.

  3. The Italians seen to be obsessed with alcohol (& particularly its home made varities) & why not?!

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