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Yahoo News: 'Koranic' tuna inspires, awes Kenyan Muslims

A tuna fish caught in the Indian Ocean this week has excited Kenyan Muslims who are flocking here by the hundreds to see a Koranic verse apparently embedded in its scales…

Arabic scholars examined the fish and determined the writing was a Koranic verse meaning "God is the greatest of all providers," said Hassan Mohamed Hassan, an education officer with the National Museums of Kenya in Mombasa.

Co-incidentally, I found some mysterious writing on a rasher of bacon this morning. It had begun to turn green (my standard indicator for determining whether the stuff is inedible). I was about to chuck it in the bin, when I noticed what appeared to be some tiny dayglo-green lettering in the rind. On careful examination, I discerned the letters to read:


Why almighty God, in His infinite wisdom, would choose the title of a classic 1974 Bay City Rollers album as his porcine message to mankind, I have absolutely no idea.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Richard Carter

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