Shagged out

I went for a ten-mile walk yesterday. Jen dropped me off at Blackstone Edge on her way into work, and I walked back to Hebden Bridge along the Pennine Way. I'd forgotten how far it was.

The first half hour was spent in thick fog, the second in heavy drizzle. After that, things picked up a bit. I only saw two other people in the five hours of the walk, and they were together, so they only counted as one really.

Yes, that's right: it took me five hours, but I was taking loads of photos, I received two phone calls, and I did spend about 40 minutes on top of Stoodley Pike, so call it four hours' walking (i.e. 2½ miles per hour).

I don't think I'll ever do the Pennine Way in full: you're supposed to do over 20 miles a day for a fortnight, or something stupid like that, and I'm totally shagged out after just ten.

My, it was fun, though.

Richard Carter

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