Serendipity Do Dah!

James Garner
James Garner.

How's this for a pleasing co-incidence? It's a bit convoluted, but bear with me, it's worth the wait:

  • when I was a kid, I always thought that James Garner from out of The Rockford Files was the spitting image of my dad. I wasn't alone in this belief: kids I hardly knew would come up to me and say, "Your dad looks like Jim Rockford". Sometimes they would go so far as to say, "Your dad is Jim Rockford";
  • for the record, my dad's name is not Jim Rockford, it's Norman;
  • entirely unrealted to the above—or so it would seem—my mum's favourite film of all time is Oklahoma!
  • while I was in totally shattered mode after my big walk last Friday, I turned on the telly, and they were showing The Rockford Files. While I was watching it for old times' sake, I found myself wondering whatever happened to James Garner. He must be getting on a bit by now, I thought—assuming he is still with us, that is. So I looked him up on the Internet Movie Database;
  • the good news is that James Garner is still very much alive, and is still making films, but GET THIS…
  • James Garner was born in the city of Norman, Oklahoma!

I lied when I said it would be worth the wait.

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