The Beagle Project, Pembrokeshire

Occasional Gruts commenter and Friend of Charles Darwin, Peter McGrath, gets some great publicity for his big project:

BBC: Darwin's Beagle ship replica plan

Plans are being drawn up to build a £3.3m working replica of the boat that took Charles Darwin around the world at Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire. Fundraising for the project, which would mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth in 2009, is under way. The aim is to built a seaworthy vessel identical to the HMS Beagle on the outside, but with a modern interior…

Mr McGrath said the ship would look identical to the original Beagle on the outside but would have a 21st century interior with diesel auxiliary engines and generators. He said he hoped the fi[ni]shed vessel would inspire the scientists of the future and be used by researchers and scientists from across the world.

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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. All done on a mobile phone from the middle of the Irish Sea: who needs a PR agency? For those who have a PR agency that don't get you BBC coverage, you're being rooked and I am available at reasonable cost. But I'd rather be sailing.

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