The Encore Game

I had a good-old chin-wag on the phone with Stense on Friday. She told me she was going to a jazz concert being given by one of her friends.

Jazz Club

So I took the opportunity to tell her about the Encore Game:

The Encore Game is a partial misnomer, because it can be played at any point during a music concert, not just during the encore. It is best played when the artist is between tracks, and is making polite banter with the audience. At such points, some pillock from the audience will usually call out the name of their favourite song by the artist, hoping that will in some way encourage them to play it. Other pillocks then usually join in. It's all a bit embarrassing.

Anyway, as the calls begin to subside, you make your move, shouting out:

D E V I L   W O M A N !

It always gets a laugh, and, on one of the occasions when I tried it, the Archdrude himself was good enough to admit that he didn't know all of the words.

Important Notes:

  1. Do not attempt to play the Encore Game at a Cliff Richard concert. People will just think you're a pillock, rather than a postmodernist comic genius. Mind you, if they're at a Cliff Richard concert, who are they to cast nasturtiums?
  2. The Encore Game should not be confused with The Devil Woman Game, even though they might appear very similar to non-aficionados.

Richard Carter

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  1. Don't you find it so totally annoying when, during a jazz concert, people insist on clapping after every solo, whether it was deserved or not.

    One day, I know I'm going to shout "aw shut up!" after one such abuse of applauditure(?) (nice word!) & bring thepiece to a total standstill.

    I remember once, during a concert by the Dutch band Focus, during a long bass solo, somebody in the audience was talking & was chastised with a loud "shut the f*ck up" from another punter. To this, the bass player stopped playing & stared into the audience. The voice then said "not you, mate", to which everybody laughed & the solo continued.

    The following week, a song from the gig appeared on T.O.T.P. & there I was in the front only time on national TV!

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