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Jen and I finally succumbed (or should that be succame?) to Sky+™ telly last week, having become totally fed up with the incessant ads on the BBC telling us what we were missing. We had already tried a Freeview™ digital box, but there is no coverage at our house, the tallest transmitter (and, indeed, tallest free-standing structure) in the UK being, rather infuriatingly, just out of view behind the hill. 100 yards up the hill, fine; 100 yards down the hill, fine; but where we live, not fine. Not fine at all. Cable TV is but a distant dream this far out in the sticks. So Murdoch finally parted us from our hard-earned.

Isn't there an awful lot of shite on telly these days?

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Richard Carter

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  1. Just been listening to the Benfolds 5 underground while replying.

    Think upon the wombles, what kind of reception, those very tall gerbil/rabbit genetic experiments gone wrong, get.

  2. I would rather not think upon the wombles, thank you. Interesting fact: Stense… Oh, no, that's right, I'm sworn to secrecy.

    True story: on driving away from a Velvet Underground gig in London many years ago, Hitchin and I were stopped by a pedestrian who asked for directions to the underground. "They're back there wearing sunglasses," said Hitchin.

    Spooky post script: I see I am repeating myself in my old age… See my comments against this item (published, even more spookily, exactly one year ago today).

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