Houston, we have an unscheduled eventuality

Compare and contrast:

BBC (30-Jan-2002): 'Minimal' risk from deorbiting spacecraft

The American space agency's Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) spacecraft is due to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and break-up sometime during the next 24 hours.

BBC: (20-Mar-2001): Mir re-entry is unprecedented

… The de-orbiting of Mir would be a routine procedure if it were not for platform's size. At 135 tonnes, Mir is far larger than any other manmade object brought to Earth before.

BBC (03-Sep-2006): Probe crashes into Moon's surface

Europe's lunar satellite, the Smart 1 probe, has ended its mission by crashing onto the Moon's surface in a controlled collision.

American and Russian spacecraft de-orbit; European ones crash.

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  1. I've just noticed that the birds on the wire in pic.1 look like a pterodactyl. Leonard Cohen would have had a problem making that scan!

  2. I'm off to Turkey next week: Can you offer any useful advice other than 'don't stand still'?

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