1. Merry xmas from Nite Owl, stuck behind a desk, watching a lone patient pacing up & down the ward!

    Today's spam code is EVYLL. Very appropriate today!

  2. Would that be the standard Oxford definition or the abridged? Because, strictly speaking, the definition in the abridged version may be viewed as less concise than the one in the standard version!

  3. I think you'll find it's called the Concise OED, not the abridged version - although I'm sure that the concise version will contain fewer definitions than the full version, so it must also be an abridged version. Perhaps they should call it The Concise Abridged OED.

    Talking of pedants, here's a perfect opportunity for a hoary old chestnut...

    Q: Who led the Pedants' Revolt?
    A: Which Tyler.

    (I thank you.)

  4. Amazingly, in some of the apocryphal books (ones that didn't make it into the bible) it turns out that Jesus had some brothers (younger of course).

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