1. Check your stats, Mac Ladd (if that is your real name, Nite Owl): Liverpudlians are famous for their sense of humour, but even they are getting a bit fed up of the tired old car theft clichés. The simple fact is that Liverpool is one of the safest UK cities in which to leave your car: far safer than Machester.

    Thefts of vehicles per 1000 of the population, Jan-Mar 2006 (the latest available figures):

    Liverpool - 1.6
    Manchester - 3.0

  2. Spottedanother soubriquet, eh?

    My manager is a Macc Lad & he hates scousers. Is this a general thing or is he just one of a kind?

  3. My comments software has a built-in owl pellet detector.

    The Liverpool-Manchester hatred is very much a general thing, although, personally speaking, I have a much bigger problem with Dumfries (but let's not go there).

  4. Let's hope your family don't put your name down for one of those nursing homes run by Calderdale Council.

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