Turn your bloody lights off!


Manchester from the International Space Station last night.

Liverpool and the Wirral

Liverpool and the Wirral (you can see my Dad's house from here).


Some place down south.

Is it any bloody wonder we can only see a handful of stars these days?

[All photos by Commander Chris Hadfield]

Postscript, 20:23: I just showed my Dad the middle photo, and, when we zoomed in, we really could see his house!

Citizen for a day

A soccer game. The home team is one goal down after 90 minutes. The referee allows play to continue until the home team scores two goals…

Did he think he was at Old Trafford or something?

Well done Manchester City!

Your heart just has to go out to all those dejected United fans on their way back home to London right now.

(Nah! Mine neither.)