1. Have you ever considered that if people simply observed the law (like those lovely, law abiding fox hunting scum people) it would not cost the government anything?

    Seriously though: rather than having diluted smoke to contend with, we will now have to run the gauntlet of concentrated ghettos of puffing billies outside every pub & restaurant!

  2. Well, I suppose I will just have to go ahead & die of lung cancer, like my parents!

  3. If so-called passive smoking were that dangerous, we'd all be dead by now.

    Besides, you won't need to get into a pub or restaurant soon: the health puritans, flushed with success, are already setting their sites on the drinkers and eaters.

    I'm off to make a cup of tea (while I'm still allowed to).

  4. A lot of us already already are. Just ask Roy Castle. (on no, you can't, he died from passive smoking!)

  5. No, Roy Castle (whom I greatly admired, by the way)claimed he contracted lung cancer through passive smoking. Thepresumed link between passive smoking and lung cancer is statistical. It can't be proven in any one case.

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