This from the people in charge of our nuclear arsenal

BBC: MoD defends psychic powers study

The Ministry of Defence has defended a decision to carry out tests to find out whether psychic powers could be used to detect hidden objects.

The previously secret tests - conducted in 2002 - involved blind-folding volunteers and asking them about the contents of sealed brown envelopes…

During the study, commercial researchers were contracted at a cost of £18,000 to test them to see if psychic ability existed and could be used for defence purposes…

The MoD refused to discuss the possible applications of psychic techniques, but said that the study had concluded there was "little value" in using "remote viewing" in the defence of the nation.

Does anyone else remember the (now happily defunct) Natural Law Party's election manifesto defence policy, which stated that they would use the so-called Maharishi Effect to prevent future enemies of Britain from ever being born?

And to think we thought they were nuts!

Richard Carter

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  1. The use of blindfolds when asking somebody to determine the contents of a sealed brown envelope probably just about sums our defence strategy up.

    Unless they were the type that had a window, which would be just as bad.

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