1. A few years ago I had the bright idea for a reality TV show where you take6 zzz list celebs & put them in a psychiatric hospital with6 bona fide basket cases (I can use that term, I'm a psychiatric nurse, remember?) anyway back to the plot: So, the viewers get to spend a small fortune voting to evict in the usual manner. The staff would all be from Poland & would, therefore notknow who were the celebs & who were the genuine patients.They would all have to cook for each other & do simple jobs to earn cigarettes & diazepam, & the winner gets a course of E.C.T!

    Funnily enough, Channel 4 weren't interested!

  2. Richard Branson might take you up on that idea. I've heard they are a bit short of programming on Virgin Media at the moment.

  3. Funny you should mention Sir Lord Duke Richard Branson:

    Back in 1969, he used to phone me regularly at work to tell me what interesting albums (usually Zappa & Beefheart stuff) he had recently imported to sell through his Virgin Mailorder ad. in the Melody Maker.

    Our lives travelled on in similar ways:- he's now a multi billionaire & I'm not!....am I bitter?...OK yeah!

  4. Oy Oy.....I spect it'll be ok in a hectoring sort of way.

    Thing is, it'll part of C4's public serviceremit to ensure we all recycle in the correct and regulation way. Consistently now, we are told what to eat, what to drink, what to do, how and when to do (just about) everything. The effect of thison our sociology is that people simply cannot now take any responsibility for anything. Our feral little world is in decay. And they are doing a show about it !

    Scarily, I very muchwant to see TB, GB and DC et alon CBB for a month and watch them shit their pants.

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