There's a cold snap on the way, apparently, so I'm heading south to sunnier climes for what remains of the winter. Back around 28th March. In the meantime, please feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. OK, now Richard's out of the way can we get down to some serious 'slagging off'. I just don't think he's pulling his weight around here. I'm prepared to give valuable feedback but he's just not posting enough stuff. I recommended him to friends fer cryin' out loud, telling them about his wit and knowledge, but I'm seeing scant evidence of it's almost as though he thinks he has a life outside of this blog....WELL EXCUSE ME!

  2. I can't help myself I have to repeat the best joke from a british sitcom ever!George & Mildred. They are meeting their posh new neighbours for the first time and Mildred introduces herself trying to sound equally posh..."I'm Mildred, Mildred Roper, nee Trembler"Perfect!

  3. Pull his weight? From the look of his photos he looks like he would have a problem carrying it! ha ha ha! Living proof thatDawn French& Chris Moyles had sex!

    Seriously though; the old owlmeister here has been bombarding him with assorted droppings for several years now. I believe in balance, so I also visit Edgar Broughton's site. A man with strong views on ecology, wind turbines,nuclear power & funnily enough, a big admirer of Capt. Beefheart. You could do worse than give him a try!

    Saying that, I feel like I sort of miss the old git already. Now read on...

  4. South? as in south coast? as in mainland south coast? as in UK mainland south coast?...Look out Bournemouth, he's coming our way!

  5. "Hey, was that Richard Carter?"


    "Richard Carter. He just walked past in his boardies. I'm sure it was him."

    "Who on earth is 'Richard Carter'?"

    "You know Richard Carter. The guy from gruts. Brilliantly witty. Takes nice photos."

    " 'Gruts'? Now you're making up words. Bloody madman."

    "Fine, drop it. He wouldn't come here anyway."

    - Jay, on Whitehaven Beach, Australia.

  6. What's even worse, we'll have to go through the pantomime of making him think we're pleased to have him back. Actually, I think he's just gone on a booze cruise to if anyone sees an old, overloaded Dormobile driving very slowly up the M1............

  7. I think I may have spotted him near Heathrow....guy wearing one of those "tour" jackets. Black shiny thing, quite impressive from the front & sides, but when he turned around GASP! MANILOW MUSIC & PASSION !!!!!!!! Yep!, I'm sure it was him.

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