Ready when you are, Mr Carter

I apologise for the sound quality (specifically, the lack thereof). Do I really sound that Scouse?

Oh, and before you say anything, the reason my throwing is so crap on the first video was that I was filming with my right hand while throwing with my left. And my right hand didn't know what my left was doing.

I await the call of the Academy.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. As a long time Gruts reader, lurker and Friend of Charles Darwin I can officially confirm, having never actually met you and using the evidence provided on this website, that yes you do sound that Scouse.


    Still, if the burgeoning directorial career doesn't pay off you can always go nicking cars, having a bobble perm, wearing a tracksuit, uttering phrases like "Alright!" "Calm down" "Laaaaa" and "Eh" in a high pitched voice, or even engage in a series of inaccurate stereotypical nonsenses about people from Liverpool.


  2. Happy de-lurking, Louis.

    Don't get me started on the unfair Scouse stereotypes. As I'm sure I must have pointed out before, Liverpool is the safest major UK city in which to park your car.

    Do I really sound that Scouse?

  3. To my soft Southern ears, I'm afraid you do. It's ok, I come from Dorset originally so I probably sound like an inbred yokel.

    Unfair stereotypes are the basis of pub banter the world over, their accuracy is in no way related to their comedy value! 😉

    Are you going to start the Friends of Alfred Russell campaign just in case the tenner gets replaced soon? It would at least have the merit of annoying the Truth in Science bods and the gloating nutcases at Uncommon Dissent who are trying to get Charlie off the tenner.


  4. I fear the Darwin tenner will be on its way soon... They do seem to replace them uncommonly quickly these days. I just hope they wait intil after2009 (Darwin's 200th). In fact, I'm thinking of writing to the Governor of the Bank of England about it - he's from Hebden Bridge, where I now live.

    I hope they don't replace him with yet another 'money man' - they've already had Sir Isaac Newton (who once ran the Royal Mint), Sir John Houblon (exactly) and now Adam Smith (who wasn't even English).

  5. All the more reason to (as you rightly say) keep him there for the bicentenary and get Alfie up there afterwards. We've got sufficient numbers of evolutionary biologists to annoy fundamentalists for decades to come.

    It's only a matter of time before Winston graces the note somewhere. And I do fear that Soapy Sam Wilberforce might one day deface our currency, despite some of the good things he did, give current fashions.


  6. I'm sure you're right about Churchill, although, if ever a Wilberforce graces the back of a bank note, it's more likely to be Soapy Sam's dad, William.

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