Working lunch

I was at a conference at a hotel yesterday. They tried the standard trick with the buffet lunch: very small plates. But I wasn't having any of that nonsense and piled mine nice and high with ham sandwiches, quiche (it's not true what they say), spring rolls, and those things that look like chicken but which always turn out to be fish.

Then, as I got to the end of the table, I found a woman serving potato wedges and curry. They had concealed her very well. So I pushed my sandwiches to one side to make a bit of room and handed her my plate.

Good on her, she piled up the potato wedges in the gap I had made, and then ladelled the curry over the top of my ham sandwiches.

Curry and ham sandwiches: I'll tell you what, it's the future!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. At that rate, coronary disease is the future. Better get that trampoline out again!

  2. This is a new 'conspiracy theory' to me, but it does have more relevance for me than the 'Landing on the moon' hoax. I would imaagine that all CCTV cameras whirred in your direction for the rest of the convention----"We've got a troublemaker here!!!!"

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