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BBC: English 'booze culture' targeted

Ministers want to change the "English drinking culture" and the willingness to accept drunkenness and anti-social behaviour as a "normal" part of life.

… As well as binge-drinkers, it will also target older people who drink at home.

It starts like this, and the next thing you know, they'll be banning alcohol in pubs.

Wish you'd cut the smokers a bit more slack now, huh?

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(Disclaimer: I am not a smoker. I am a drinker.)

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  1. Why is it only us Brits who feel the need to drink until we fall over & then brag about it at work the next day?

    You certainly couldn't do that on an American Airlines plane: the buggers don't sell alcohol. Eight hours from Chicago to Heathrow & nothing to brag about when I got home.

    I feel like I wasted a whole day, not being able to abuse the air crew & throw up over the woman in front.

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