Lucky day

What with yesterday being Friday 13th, I suppose the car crash must have been pretty inevitable.

Well, when I call it a crash, I suppose it was nothing more than a prang really. OK, not a prang; it was more of a slight knock.

I was sitting in a queue of traffic in the pourring rain when the driver of the car behind me evidently forgot to stop, and I felt a gentle bump pass through Murphy. Like I said, it was pourring with rain, so I decided there was little point getting out into it to examine the non-existent damage. Instead, I pretended not to have noticed the knock and edged forward with the slow-moving queue of traffic.

What happened next was pretty amusing. The driver of the car that had knocked into mine suddenly started letting car after car pull out of a side-road in front of them. Anyone might think they were trying to put as much distance as possible between their car and mine before I changed my mind. I guess they must have thought Friday 13th was their lucky day after all.

I don't think the people behind them in the queue were too impressed, though.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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