Sniffing test

One thing I love about Carolyn is that, although she lives in the same universe as you and me, she sometimes passes into an alternative reality, where strange and wonderful things happen.

Here is her own account of her latest escapade, related to me via instant message last night:

I went for a sniffing test today. You have to sit in a cubicle on a high stool in front of a computer and there is a hatch on the other side of the desk through which they put various samples, one test at a time. At one stage, 8 jars were passed to me but the jar number the computer was asking me to test was not amongst them. So I buzzed for help and opened the hatch and tried to peer through but couldn't see anyone. At that point, the visitors pass I'd been given fell off so I popped off my stool under the desk to retrieve it.

The next thing I knew was the girl in charge rushing in through my door shouting 'are you alright' - she'd looked through the hatch, seen the room was empty and assumed I'd collapsed. It had me giggling for 10 mins - but it didn't help my sniffing accuracy unfortunately!

Why hasn't this woman got her own website?

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