1. Today, my manager made me remove this picture from the staff notice board, on the grounds that it is offensive to women......sad bitch!

  2. That's crazy. How is it offensive to women? It's more making men look shallow & stupid.

    It's official - the world has gone mad.

  3. Yoghurt is right.

    Nite Owl, your boss is assuming that the cartoon character with the pink clothes and the long hair is a woman. I think you should point out to her that this is pampering to outdated sexual sterotypes. What other reason has she for believing that the character on the left is a woman?

  4. I think the problem lies with the fact that I put up a black & white photocopy. Had the dress been blue, she might have assumed that it was indeed a man...nah, that doesn't make sense either, does it?

    I'll get my coat then!

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