A nice example of the lunacy of so-called faith schools:

BBC: Sikh girl in Catholic school row

The parents of a Teesside Sikh girl say they will convert her to Catholicism in order to get her into the best school in the area…

The Roman Catholic diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, which oversees admissions policy at the school, said it was following correct procedures.

But Mr Singh said: "At the moment she has not got a religion. She follows Sikhism because we are Sikhs."


Mr Singh's daughter is four years old. How in the name of God, Buddha, Allah, Waheguru or Tinkerbell is she supposed to know which ridiculous belief system she might one day adopt? Or not, as I hope the case turns out to be.

What hope is there that kids from different cultural backgrounds will ever get on together if their parents are allowed to keep sending them to sectarian schools?

People's religious belief, like which soccer team they support, is a highly heritable cultural trait: they tend to inherit it from their parents. To endorse religious sectarian schools makes as much sense as saying that we should have schools for the children of Manchester United fans.

Or special needs schools, as we call them in Liverpool.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I have a friend who, at junior school, was a choir boy at a C of E church. At age 11, his parents sent him to a Catholic school. When I tracked him down after 35 years, he told me he had converted to Judaism. Maybe he is just covering all bases to be on the safe side. Or perhaps it's a bizarre form of attention seeking.

    He asked me what religion I was: I told him I was a 'born again pagan'

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  2. as a child i was taken for a medical appointment by my mother. The nurse asked what religion i was. Mother's reply: "I don't know. He hasn't made his mind up yet.".


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