Hardened criminals

BBC: Five guilty of fake Viagra scam

Five people have been found guilty of conspiracy to supply millions of pounds worth of counterfeit Viagra.

Let's hope they're given a stiff sentence, eh, readers.

(Stiff sentence, geddit?)

Actually, all hype aside, I have to say, Viagra™ has totally transformed my life. Before they invented the stuff, I never received any spam.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I was simply going to mention the other gang, which hijacked a lorry-load of Viagra at a service station on the M4.

    A spokesman told journalists todaythat police are seeking a gang of hardened criminals.

  2. My wife bought me some viagra: She said it was to stop me rolling on to her side of the bed!

  3. Damn!

    Didn't notice the title of this item first time round.

    Anyway, I've packed an iron tablet and a viagra tablet in my emergency kit when I go walking - if you ever get lost, you just take the two together and you'll spin round 'till you point north!

  4. I've had a long, hard think about some kind of double-entendre to put into a comment, but nothing has come up.

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