The Albion, Chester
A pub for grown ups on Monday.

Remember the family hostile pub that Carolyn and I spotted last month? Well, I somehow managed to drag Stense into it on Monday. Actually, dragged is an awfully inappropriate word.

What a fantastic pub! Full of grown-up people enjoying grown-up beer and grown-up food in an altogether grown-up environment.

I was totally out of my depth.

On our way out, we couldn't believe our luck when we saw a family of four reading the blackboard outside. "Oh, it's not fair! Children aren't allowed in!" moaned one of the sprogs.

"Just like it was when I were a lad, kid," I wish I'd said.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Make the sprogs stand outside in the cold with a packet of crisps and a lemonade I say. It never hurt us.....well actually it did. I still feel warped about it. But it's only fair to pass on the life's little pageants.

  2. Corporation pop?! Our dad would give us a paper cup & show us where the lavvy was!

  3. I assume the title is from "Those little bastions can wait outside", or some such saying.

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