Driving home from the Trafford Centre

Jen: Do you want one of these satsumas?
Me: What? You're eating satsumas in my car!
Jen: They're really good.
Me: You'll stink the car out. I've only just got rid of the fish & chips smell from two months back!
Jen: Don't be such a kill-joy! Satsumas aren't like fish & chips: they smell all Christmassy.
Me: So does reindeer shit, but I don't want my car smelling of it!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Aren't satsumas those in-car navigation devices that use fat japanese wrestlers to make sure you stay on the right road?

  2. Speaking of reindeer: It has recently been discovered that there was one more reindeer in Santa's team....Adolph, the brown nosed reindeer. Apparently he could run as fast as Rudolph, but couldn't stop as quickly.

    As my old dad used to say: 'that's the trouble with ungulates'

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